Since 1995, we entered the market with a wide range of models for kitchen furniture, designed and developed with the best concepts of modulation and quality. Since then we have provided a totally personalized service, preserving and taking care of all the details of quality and design attention.

The wide modulation and great variety of models adapt both to apartments, as well as to the highly demanding residential market. The constant innovations have led us to develop new products and techniques for your projects, such as interiors, cabinets, and countertops;  In addition to our kitchen furnishings, excellent attention and personalized technical advice, quality products, service, and competitive prices, allow us to provide our full service since then.

The kitchen of your dreams? In Enterprise Renovation we make it a reality.

Renewing your kitchen was never so easy! Because in Enterprise Renovation we have everything you need to create the kitchen of your dreams. Tell us what you want and we will help you to achieve it. We only work with the best brands because in addition to a design kitchen we also want you to have a quality kitchen.

Call us today, we will visit you to provide you with a quote free of charge and will develop a personalized budget without commitment.

We have a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience who can advise you on the type of kitchen that best goes with you and your home. We make custom, exclusive and custom furniture and take care of its installation. We only work with the best brands in the market.

As there is no kitchen without appliances, we also have them. We offer the sale and installation of top brand appliances, so you can equip your kitchen with us 100%. We take care of the transport and we also remove old furniture.

We are also dedicated to the elaboration of custom cabinets and dressing rooms and we renew all your bathroom furniture. In addition, we specialize in the installation of floating flooring .

Renovating the kitchen is one of the best investments one can make in the house. According to the latest housing report, renovating a kitchen it could increase the sale value of the property by up to 20%. This figure does not apply equally to all markets, but it is certainly an area in which many people focus when looking for a new house or apartment.

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