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Enterprise Renovation developed a reputation for delivering unmatched performance in renovating multi-family properties nationwide. Our ability to exceed expectations on all levels has led to our rapid growth and a long list of satisfied customers that include some of the largest property management companies. Our techniques consistently increase property values as a result of our exceptional workmanship, professionalism, customer service and our ability to complete projects on schedule. All of these factors contribute to making each Enterprise Renovation project a bottom-line success both in the short-term and long-term.

Renovating – Your Bottom Line Value Equations

  • Larger Experienced Crews = Faster Completion
  • Faster Completion = Lower Costs
  • Lower Costs = Higher Profits
  • Faster Completion = Increased Rent Yields
  • Increased Rent Yields = Higher Profits

A quality job starts with a quality team.

Enterprise Renovation focuses on every detail of each project to ensure total quality satisfaction. All facets of your project are meticulously planned and tailored to your aesthetic and financial objectives by our experienced team.

Speed of completion.

Enterprise Renovation uses only experienced crews. This allows Enterprise Renovation to complete projects rapidly, which lowers final job costs and tenant complaints. Lower complaints result in higher retention rates of your existing tenants adding real value to your bottom-line.

Better materials equal a stronger investment.

Renovating your property is a large investment and Enterprise Renovation believes you should continue to experience the benefits years after completion. Enterprise Renovation is committed to using first-class materials that will endure years of wear and tear. Enterprise Renovation keeps your needs in mind when selecting the materials to complement your property’s environment and dynamic.

Enterprise Renovation BBB Business Review